Translation Services

Linguistic excellence for the Cannabis Industry

The demand for translation services by the cannabis industry is increasing. All around the world, alongside the increasing recreational use of cannabis, we are witnessing an unparalleled growth of medical marijuana research.

Companies working in the cannabis industry have very specific translation needs and at dataCANNAbase we know technical translation requires specific expertise.

Translating medical cannabis documentation such as scientific research papers and academic reports or even labelling agro-industry packaging takes a deep understanding of specific terminologies  in order to present reliable services and produce accurate translations.

dataCANNAbase houses a team of professional translators and specialises in cannabis-related translations. We have a vast experience translating a wide range of content types (from academic research to packaging & labelling for the agro-industry) and our team offers the specific skills to handle projects that require the deep understanding of this new cannabis paradigm.

We work with the most complete glossaries and are using the latest automated quality assurance verifications available.

dataCANNAbase offers cannabis-related translation services with special focus on scientific academic research and labelling for the agro-industry.

dataCANNAbase’s translators bring industry expertise at the most competitive rates.