We are looking to create partnerships so that we may ensure the sustainability of our ongoing goals: compile, update and translate a database of peer-reviewed evidence about cannabis as medicine.

It is indisputable that we are witnessing a turning point in the cannabis paradigm. This shift is noticeable not only in Portugal but worldwide. The increase in the demand for reliable information on cannabis research will reveal dataCANNAbase as an international reference.

The growing interest of several international players is a reality. We intend to establish partnerships that will enable us to develop a project of unequivocal worldwide potential and assure that relevant information is available is several languages.

dataCANNAbase´s users range from patients to all sorts of health technicians. We beleive that by covering three of the most spoken languages in the world (English, Portuguese & Spanish) and totalling +1.2 billion speakers, this project may grow sustainably for years.